the gift of words

The morning was spent reading through old files ... they are scattered across more apps, external hard drives, and the cloud than I dare reveal. Some are handwritten and need to be transcribed. Others are illegible, possibly written in a dream state, and may need to be shredded. In the mess of conference notes and …

NYTFC: The Hero

As a member of the New York Times Film Club, I've pre-screened a few movies this year, some good, some predictable. Sometimes, like tonight, the screening features a Q&A afterward with the director and one of the actors. And tonight's movie, The Hero, featured none other than the legendary cowboy and voice of Sam Elliott. …

a room full of women

Thursday night, wearing a power pantsuit from Lilith Paris I attended the HOW Conference produced by the Quorum Initiative. I met some of the most amazing women during the two-day conference. Entrepreneurs to C-suite executives, and women like myself starting our own businesses. Finally, a future I can see for myself.

fairy-tale vignettes

Strolling through my 'hood and romance is in the air... I spy a wedding at the Brooklyn Museum atrium, and then a lost slipper--a modern-day Cinderella perhaps, traipsing through the tree-lined streets of Park Slope.