the life of a weather wimp

We New Yorkers may be resilient but I can’t bring myself to go outside. The weather report claims 17 degrees and sunny but every post on social media has a negative sign next to their numbers. Brrrrr. Yesterday when I woke up and looked out the window there was zero visibility. I instantly remembered theContinue reading “the life of a weather wimp”


’tis the season

I have a friend who falls into hibernation mode on the day of the dead. She burrows away in her suburban home with a herd of cats, a crackling fireplace, and a good book. As a late October baby, I used to love kicking off fall, embracing the changing color of the leaves along with theContinue reading “’tis the season”

a cocooning effect

Today feels different, I can’t quite explain why but my heart feels heavy. My rational mind blames it on the erratic change of seasons. And it’s not just me, even the nearby trees are confused, some leaves are yellow, others green. We have a sunny, humid day followed by a crisp, overcast one. And this morningContinue reading “a cocooning effect”