enem me

misplaced, forgotten sometimes that’s how I feel. As if i’m missing me and where I’m supposed to be, right here right now. me. Today the sun shone down, caught me off guard. On this day my mind’s drifting along, unaware. Suddenly shaken awake, forced to see: I’m floating in space. One moment disrupts my oblivion, […]


Tell me

What makes someone turn their head in my direction? Is it tangible: the swing in my step, the sun kissed tan of my legs, or maybe, they caught the shake of my head, me laughing at a puppy: that child within me. I am all woman: confident and insecure, brave and yet frightened Sexy innocent […]


The in-between

I’ve spent the last week in a retrospective limbo. 2009 was a blur with few social highlights worth remembering. It was an exercise in patience, a year of change and day to day disappointments. Managing these series of little fires has tested my spirit, and taxed my heart. I am happy yet complacent, content yet […]