Plover of the Gods, A Sense of Place

A work-in-progress, the following piece is a writing assignment produced for The Center of Fiction’s Active Storytelling course taught by Judy Sternlight. A Sense of Place: Plover of the Godsprepared by Andrea Preziotti Note I’ve purposely used Roman and Greek names for each god, interchangeably.  (Triton, Ceres/Demeter, Neptune/Poseidon, etc.)  “Triton, come sit by me,” CeresContinue reading “Plover of the Gods, A Sense of Place”


The Judgment of Paris presented by Company XIV

An unlikely performance space resides in a gallery/dance studio on Bond Street. Bond Street Brooklyn that is; unassuming on a half-residential half-industrial street. If Austin McCormick’s work makes a splash, the hustle and bustle of Smith Street may have some healthy competition in livening up this dead zone. The set design is gorgeously orchestrated inContinue reading “The Judgment of Paris presented by Company XIV”