Shades of Pink

Hmm,Why… Why what? Why is it,so damn cold in here? We may have forgot to pay the heat. Why on earth would we do that? It’s winter, it gets cold,like every single day until the first day of spring and then, well it gets colder until global warming changes and— This has nothing to doContinue reading “Shades of Pink”


The Ladder Tattoo (Tuesday Writing Exercise)

Stinging. Numb. I feel, don’t feel, anything. The crick in my neck twists in angst. My thoughts muddled, everything is unclear. There was a black room, I think. Concrete walls, covered in soot and ash; a breeze low and warm, was I outside at one point? I remember chalk writings on a wall, facing me?Continue reading “The Ladder Tattoo (Tuesday Writing Exercise)”