here is now

she’s a longtime friend. who’ll be there in a heartbeat, once she gets the call. your long-lost sister full of advice and laughter: who knows you so well. once upon a face when we met, before email: voices on the phone two lives connecting old-fashioned, memories shared: practical magic. navigation: on, the highway is still […]


Tell me

What makes someone turn their head in my direction? Is it tangible: the swing in my step, the sun kissed tan of my legs, or maybe, they caught the shake of my head, me laughing at a puppy: that child within me. I am all woman: confident and insecure, brave and yet frightened Sexy innocent […]



numb, stoic, empty that’s how i feel. lost, confused trying to make sense of overwhelming every day chaos times two. foolish, i believed caring for my mom would prepare me for right now. impossibly not. back then dad and i had to learn to be close, friends. i didn’t count on that dynamic changing so […]