Subtext & Dialogue: Hidden Emotion

A work-in-progress, the following piece is a writing assignment produced for The Center of Fiction’s Active Storytelling course taught by Judy Sternlight. An Innocent Banter “I forgot.”Silence. “It’s not that big of a deal, really …”“Yeah, right.”“So, what now?”“Uhm, I’m not sure.” Subtext Version 1 Clutching the calendar with today’s date circled in bright blue and highlighted inContinue reading “Subtext & Dialogue: Hidden Emotion”


Weekend Warrior: Go West

Go West! To Western Pennsylvania, that is. Chester and I started our journey to Lake City, PA after rush hour on Friday morning. It was part one of a 4-day affair. Friday, May 5 It’s raining, it’s pouring but a girl still needs her coffee. We stop at Davy’s Hot Dogs in Mount Arlington, a kitschy-styled Swiss chalet, justContinue reading “Weekend Warrior: Go West”

right here, next to me

There are some days, even now nearly four years since my Dad died when I find myself thinking he is still alive. It is a fleeting moment, lasting thirty seconds or less. It lingers in the air like smoke from a snuffed out candle. Sunday morning, not quite 2 AM, an evening in with theContinue reading “right here, next to me”

the secret of life…

Best friends, you can never have too many of them in your lifetime. And rest assured that you will have many. It’s like that poem that has circled mailboxes and inboxes for decades, detailing the cycles of friendship and life, about how and why people shuffle in and out of it. As the words go:Continue reading “the secret of life…”