the incentive is you

This weekend was a wash, I worked later than planned on Friday night. That over exhaustion plus the dread of the blizzard that wasn’t, left little incentive to wake up early on Saturday. Tigger was in agreement, as he let me be for hours until Dad’s shoveling scraped my eyes awake. All in all IContinue reading “the incentive is you”


“As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a giant insect.” – Kafka ironic, that I choose a topic to ponder and upon late evening find myself sitting opposite its train of thought placard on the subway. bemusing and at times startling how the universe canContinue reading “metamorphosis”

all over the place like mud

I am my own worst enemy. There was no reason for me to linger at work past 5 last night and yet I didn’t close down my computer until way after 6. Sharon chatting over IM stressed my need for more balance. There’s something to be said when the same message is heard from colleaguesContinue reading “all over the place like mud”

on work/on me

it happened again. something about my new boss intimidates me. rather than speak up in today’s meeting, minor comments were offered. and even then I stumbled on phrases. (sigh) why? how can it be true? i had hoped that my meek self would be gone by now. instead, she lingers. much to my chagrin. iContinue reading “on work/on me”

But for summer

I’m thinking that if all my intentions are pure all is for the best. Of course illusions, though they appear to be real: are most often false. Leaving me to muse about dreams and memories of choice and regrets. And yet not one sticks. My heart rests easy tonight clear, fulfilled and near to capacity.Continue reading “But for summer”