Parkour Kitty

Oh, Finn, you bewitch¬†me as you vanish out the door on a mission for sun and soot. You start the day with your coat of cream and apricot… I sometimes catch you in your mischievousness, dashing across the rooftops. Nimble and quick as only cats can be, I cringe¬†when I spot your tightrope walking onContinue reading “Parkour Kitty”


Roadtrippin’ with Finn

Tonight Finn and I make our way to Jersey City. It’s his first road trip and sleepover. Chester and I are traveling to visit his family in Western PA, and rather than leave Finn alone with a cat sitter he’s staying at the loft with Andy. I’ve been harness-training him in anticipation of the bigContinue reading “Roadtrippin’ with Finn”


What is it about being sick (in this case with a sinus infection/cold/cough) that makes you dream so vividly, almost frighteningly so. In a span of 6 hours, I went from whimsical and positively light reverie to trolling the depths of despair and darkness. late night I am in a deep sleep and the lulledContinue reading “dreamscapes”

if i had known the signs

sick to my stomach, it’s all there in black, in white all those early signs. The Natural Cat lists them all. I should have known. but how could I know? that weight loss mixed with lethargy, vomiting and digestive upsets. Foamy yellow bile and lightly colored stool. That the random pee sprays were anything but. moodContinue reading “if i had known the signs”