Editing Services​

The following chart* shows the level of service to expect when considering to work with a professional writer and/or editor. Rates generally increase with each level.

Proofreading Correct technical errors.

  • Identify and correct misspellings, typos, incorrect punctuation and grammar, errors in word usage.
Copy Editing  Check style and consistency.

  • Proofread, review formatting, consistency in titles, subsection titles, typeface and typestyle (italic, bold).
  • Fact-check. Ensure manuscript conforms to the style guide the publisher requires, e.g., AMA, APA, AP or Chicago.
  • Suggest improvements in the syntax for clarity and logical flow, query only. No substantive changes in content.
Substantive Editing Clarify, tighten and polish.

  • All of the above, but also includes content edit suggestions/changes of what to delete, rearrange or rephrase to eliminate confusion, cliche, wordiness, and inappropriate or confusing jargon.
  • Query author about gaps, contradictions, and issues as it relates to content purpose, whether intended or inadvertently raised but not directly addressed by the author.
  • Suggest improvement for flow of ideas and narrative arc.
  • May include suggestions on when to combine copy from multiple authors to achieve a more consistent tone.
Developmental Writing Define and develop the project from start to finish.

  • Establish purpose and conceptualize raw material at an early draft stage.
  • Develop the narrative and its components and segments.
  • Consult with the organization of material and format, propose supplemental material as needed, including appendices, graphics, photos, tables, charts or figures.
  • Includes business curation, marketing communications, and social media marketing.


 *This chart, originally posted by AgencyM210, has been repost with permission and adapted for non-fiction B2B and academic content. (c) 2017