Cambodia, The Kingdom of Wonder

Flashback to #soulstrengthspirit tour, March 2016 Tuk-tuk to the hotel. The streets of Siem Reap are filled with color and dust. Orange cloaked monks ride sidesaddle on the back of motorbikes. A cart filled with natural weave baskets, golden yellow bicycles. We pass the city center, the royal gardens, a foot bridge with a 7-headedContinue reading “Cambodia, The Kingdom of Wonder”

#soulstrengthspirit: Hong Kong

2 March 2016, 5AM: Hong Kong Airport A swarm of Italian students at Starbucks; one of the few places open so early. A modern structure of glass, metal, and chrome. The food court smells like heaven. None of the signs are in English so its hard to decipher what anything is. Groggy, I eat theContinue reading “#soulstrengthspirit: Hong Kong”

unrequited undertow

swimming, the action of propelling oneself in water by natural means using arms and legs, can also be used abstractly as both a negative representation of a sensation, where one is floating or reeling and a positive one where one proves to not go under and surmounts difficulties in their path. a lot of meaningContinue reading “unrequited undertow”

dammi una vespa

The hidden secrets of Rome are best found from the seat of il motorino zipping along the Corso and into the hills. Or on foot strolling the winding cobblestone paths. Lunapop had it right: “Dammi una vespa e ti porto in vacanza.” The holiday of a lifetime awaits you in Italy, this is one woman’s journeyContinue reading “dammi una vespa”

La Prima Notte: The Evening Passegiata

I arrive early for the tour hosted by Context Rome (affordable selection of walking tours) and make a round of the piazza. Piazza Navona is alight with activity and it is no wonder Maria has suggested that I have a glass of red wine and observe life unfolding on the square. I feel more like a gelatoContinue reading “La Prima Notte: The Evening Passegiata”

Roman Holiday: Hotel Locarno

When choosing a hotel for this trip I consulted every site imaginable, reaching out to both friends and family for advice. A friend and colleague in the events business recommended the Locarno, a hotel where she had stayed on a business trip a few years back.  I was on the fence for quite awhile, debatingContinue reading “Roman Holiday: Hotel Locarno”

Il Primo Giorno: Ancient Rome

“What we do in life echoes in eternity.” – Maximus The crux of the ruins and the Forum lie behind Via Venezia and the monument dedicated to Emmanuelle Vittorio II, Italy’s first king.  Manny must have made quite a splash—his monument is enormous featuring detailed carvings of battle shields and arms.  Military stands guard 24/7Continue reading “Il Primo Giorno: Ancient Rome”

Il Primo Giorno: Via del Corso

Leaving Locarno I make my way to Piazza del Popolo. Known as the traditional north entrance to the city, it is the starting point for local Romans on their evening passegiata. The center of the piazza features a 10-story Egyptian obelisk brought to Rome in 1589. A trident of streets leads people to the heart ofContinue reading “Il Primo Giorno: Via del Corso”

Roman Holiday: Getting There

The plane touched down in Rome just after 6AM, an earlier arrival than planned according to the pilots: Una bella giornata a Roma…and it was, once we got past the archaic, queue-less customs counter. The herd of arriving passengers was more of a cattle corral, literally.  I wish I had the sense to take aContinue reading “Roman Holiday: Getting There”