The Healing Power of Soup

This last week I got slammed by some sort of virus; the kind where the cats even took notice. Rather than caterwauling to go outside, they lay on either side of me while I slept the week into infinity. There’s no greater comfort than the love of a warm, furry being. Except, maybe soup. WheneverContinue reading “The Healing Power of Soup”

Choosing Kindness for Myself, for Others 

DAY 9: The Writer’s Happiness Challenge: Remembering Kindness In today’s exercise, @splendidmola asks us to reflect on the last few days, remembering any small kindnesses performed by yourself or for yourself. Now set the timer for (5) minutes and write them down.   Consciously Choosing Kindness for Myself, for Others Sending cards to loved ones inContinue reading “Choosing Kindness for Myself, for Others “

Feeling Grateful in a Time of Vulnerability

Everyone I know is in a perpetual state of ‘busyness,’ their schedules stretched to capacity with stress levels high. I find that technology can undermine good intentions–becoming yet another layer of noise to break through. And although I long to make genuine connections with the world at large, sometimes I lack the energy. As youContinue reading “Feeling Grateful in a Time of Vulnerability”

The Bronx Children’s Tale

Last night I had the opportunity to volunteer for the Bronx Children’s Museum inaugural gala. The program honored playwright Richard Abrons, entrepreneur Rafael Collado, and actress/activist Kerry Washington for their fundraising efforts in support of the museum which is set to open in the Bronx in 2018. As part of the registration team, volunteers were trainedContinue reading “The Bronx Children’s Tale”

Strength, Balance, A Rock

You live a healthy life and hope you are doing the best that you can. There’s always room for self-improvement, and you make a promise to get better with each day. You go to Western doctors, you practice Eastern medicine. You eat kale and consider going gluten-free. You meditate, swim, do yoga. And then the callContinue reading “Strength, Balance, A Rock”