the written words of others

in some ways i feel as if i’ve been reading Shantaram for an eternity, as if like Lin I too have been on an ardurous journey to self-enlightenment. the passages, read intermittently, take on episodic flash fiction like qualities. they become stories within chapters within stories. in the rest stops along the way I haveContinue reading “the written words of others”

online profiles gone bad…

How can you pique my interest, you haven’t written anything about yourself. Other than the bathroom shot of your upper torso, spiked hair and camera holding hand, all I can infer is that you work out and you purchase hair products. I already know you’re (may be) single never married, and never could have guessedContinue reading “online profiles gone bad…”

The in-between

I’ve spent the last week in a retrospective limbo. 2009 was a blur with few social highlights worth remembering. It was an exercise in patience, a year of change and day to day disappointments. Managing these series of little fires has tested my spirit, and taxed my heart. I am happy yet complacent, content yetContinue reading “The in-between”

The Judgment of Paris presented by Company XIV

An unlikely performance space resides in a gallery/dance studio on Bond Street. Bond Street Brooklyn that is; unassuming on a half-residential half-industrial street. If Austin McCormick’s work makes a splash, the hustle and bustle of Smith Street may have some healthy competition in livening up this dead zone. The set design is gorgeously orchestrated inContinue reading “The Judgment of Paris presented by Company XIV”

Conjuring a lost love (crush, lust, et al)

Funny how a song can reach into the crevices of your mind and stir up a memory isn’t it? Donna Lewis – I love you always forever ¬†(You Tube – Clip HQ) Heart Memory: I had a chance meeting with once upon a time soap star Paul Michael Valley at a bar on the UpperContinue reading “Conjuring a lost love (crush, lust, et al)”

Treasure your friends, any way you can.

Treasure your friends, any way you can. Hold them dear and close to your heart, new ones and old ones alike. Each one of them has come into your life for a reason, they ease a pain, bring in laughter, and (sometimes gently sometimes with force) they help you to change your perspective. A youngerContinue reading “Treasure your friends, any way you can.”

DailyOM – The Past in Light of the Present

DailyOM – The Past in Light of the Present. In these last few days of an old year it’s practically a must-do to reflect on decisions made, paths chosen, wondering if all that was done was well worth the effort. In today’s meditation from DailyOM they mention headspace, and how once we’ve accumulated new informationContinue reading “DailyOM – The Past in Light of the Present”


“As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a giant insect.” – Kafka ironic, that I choose a topic to ponder and upon late evening find myself sitting opposite its train of thought placard on the subway. bemusing and at times startling how the universe canContinue reading “metamorphosis”

quarter bar

Friday night I met Kristin and Sheila for an al fresco drink in the garden at Quarter, a watering hole in Sunset Park. My recollection of this neighborhood is filled with¬†residential shopping essentials: bakeries, meat markets, deli, hair salon, pizzeria…apparently times are changing everywhere. In fact on the corner of 20th & 5th Ave, you’llContinue reading “quarter bar”