LOST: Redemption

The battle between good and evil has ended, at least for the survivors of Oceanic 815. Their journey through purgatory, their supernatural redemption. I’m not sure if I understand, if we’re meant to truly understand. Much of what is experienced in life  is left unanswered in death, especially for those left behind. Those still breathingContinue reading “LOST: Redemption”


I am a nester by choice, by birth, I strive to create a home, a place where people want to congregate and like, learn to love each other.  I like to cook, bake, feed the hungry. I like the light of the candles on vibrant walls, the feel of wood beneath my feet. I likeContinue reading “trapped”

The Ladder Tattoo (Tuesday Writing Exercise)

Stinging. Numb. I feel, don’t feel, anything. The crick in my neck twists in angst. My thoughts muddled, everything is unclear. There was a black room, I think. Concrete walls, covered in soot and ash; a breeze low and warm, was I outside at one point? I remember chalk writings on a wall, facing me?Continue reading “The Ladder Tattoo (Tuesday Writing Exercise)”

the incentive is you

This weekend was a wash, I worked later than planned on Friday night. That over exhaustion plus the dread of the blizzard that wasn’t, left little incentive to wake up early on Saturday. Tigger was in agreement, as he let me be for hours until Dad’s shoveling scraped my eyes awake. All in all IContinue reading “the incentive is you”

A tricky chore but someone’s gotta do it

This weekend was spent indoors, cleaning. It was the perfect weather for it seeing as the temperature was below freezing most of the weekend. I like my living area to be free from dust, as fresh and clean as the next person, but I personally find it hard to keep up with the day toContinue reading “A tricky chore but someone’s gotta do it”

rambling words, reading books

Last night despite an abominable week at work I stayed up well past midnight to read. I have been on a streak as of late,  voraciously reading through a book every other day. A physical book..not sure if or when I will convert to a Kindle perhaps when the price is not so astronomical, soContinue reading “rambling words, reading books”