a green and yellow recipe

Is it crazy to make sorbet in the winter? I think not, after all, if I want the next season to come early then why not start channeling spring colors now. Kiwi Lemon Sorbet 4 fresh kiwis, peeled and cut into small pieces 1/2 c. sugar juice of 3 medium lemons 2 T. light cornContinue reading “a green and yellow recipe”

my favorite scoop

In my last post, I mentioned how I had plans to get back to my life and to all the things I love most, like making homemade ice cream. A few years ago one of my dear friends, “Mon Frite,” introduced me to the wonderful world of homemade ice cream, a hobby she shares withContinue reading “my favorite scoop”


I crashed on Friday night, and slept through most of Saturday, still recovering from my bout with the upper ninth contagion. Saturday, cup of coffee in hand, I barely left the couch save the time it took to accept my first (and 20-minute early) order from Fresh Direct. The next 12 hours were spent cleaningContinue reading “catalyst”

loose change

I’ve always been a firm believer that things happen for a reason. This morning as I left the house, I impulsively grabbed a pile of quarters sitting on the kitchen counter. A short while later settled on a city bus, a fellow passenger was rounding up change for his fare. Coincidence? Fate? A message fromContinue reading “loose change”

the secret of life…

Best friends, you can never have too many of them in your lifetime. And rest assured that you will have many. It’s like that poem that has circled mailboxes and inboxes for decades, detailing the cycles of friendship and life, about how and why people shuffle in and out of it. As the words go:Continue reading “the secret of life…”

Things I Know

My cat will survive 14 hours without eating. He will no doubt be angry and pee in a corner out of spite but he will still be breathing just the same. The people you love and respect may not understand or accept the choices you make, but they’ll get over it. Not every decision youContinue reading “Things I Know”

the sixth sense: intuition

Sometimes I feel like I have extrasensory perception (ESP), a mild clairvoyance for finding things, things that are lost. Like keys, notebooks, metrocards, a charm bracelet, a ring. Things hoping to be found amid the camouflage of my belongings. Metrocards in jean pockets, books kicked under couches, car keys frosting in the freezer door.  JustContinue reading “the sixth sense: intuition”

Down the rabbit hole

A quarter of a century is a long time…25 years ago .com became a part of every day vernacular, I was just entering high school and like every young girl prone to hormonal changes.  A late bloomer, my adolescent experiences included painful periods and headaches–an understatement of course, as we’re talking mind-numbing, splitting clusters ofContinue reading “Down the rabbit hole”

permission to touch

touch involves the permission to feel, and as a form of communication can reduce stress, alleviate pain and anxiety, and translate unspoken words and silence into understanding and compassion. one of my most cherished memories as a child was the coming and going of family. For with each hello and goodbye there was a hug,Continue reading “permission to touch”

The New 40

A handful of my friends are turning 40 this year. 40. Is it the new 30? or the new 20? Whatever it is one thing’s for sure it’s a powerful number to women (and men) everywhere. An age feared and revered, a somewhat startling number that can cause crisis or launch a revolution. I personallyContinue reading “The New 40”