A little bit of heaven

Spring has finally arrived in Brooklyn. I’m writing this post out on the deck, in a short-sleeved t-shirt. After such a drab, low-key winter, any day that brings sunshine and a warm breeze is a gift.     The sky is a milky blue filled with jet streams. The birds are alive with conversation–pigeon, sparrow, crow,Continue reading “A little bit of heaven”

modern day warriors: this is what feminism looks like

23 January 2017 Today marks the 17th anniversary of my mom, Lucia Romano Preziotti’s death. For those who knew her personally–sadly only a handful of people left in my life–she was the kindest soul with the strongest heart, a believer in the underdog, and a supportive if quietly reserved #feminist. Born in the late 20s,Continue reading “modern day warriors: this is what feminism looks like”

everyday bravery

“There’s room for both of us.” This is what I’m telling Rocky as he tries to find space on my lap as I type. He was sitting in the chaise on the deck, nestled into the Mexican blanket I brought back from Cancun the first time I discovered the Mayan oasis. Now he is curled intoContinue reading “everyday bravery”

about that two year absence

A lot can happen in two years. A lot did happen in two years. There were a handful of hypnotic eye-opening experiences in India, as well as a slightly disturbing observation in the duty-free shop in Qatar. The stories start here. I came home with a new mindset and a plan to make some serious changesContinue reading “about that two year absence”

midnight rambling

resting at midnight a day’s worth of spring cleaning just a memory even now amazed by the accumulated clutter of the week. each time I deep dive into the mess, I wonder how does it get here? gremlins, dust bunnies cohorts in a filthy crime to debunk order. I am wistful for stylized minimalism andContinue reading “midnight rambling”


What is it about being sick (in this case with a sinus infection/cold/cough) that makes you dream so vividly, almost frighteningly so. In a span of 6 hours, I went from whimsical and positively light reverie to trolling the depths of despair and darkness. late night I am in a deep sleep and the lulledContinue reading “dreamscapes”

unrequited undertow

swimming, the action of propelling oneself in water by natural means using arms and legs, can also be used abstractly as both a negative representation of a sensation, where one is floating or reeling and a positive one where one proves to not go under and surmounts difficulties in their path. a lot of meaningContinue reading “unrequited undertow”

speed dial on time

Taking a cue from Li Jia, the protagonist of Kitchen Chinese, one of the latest books I’ve read I am seizing the moment to write. Free of guilt and disappointment for a week’s worth of posts scribbled in notebooks, ideas jotted on post-its, fleeting sparks of something and then nothing swirling in my brain, allowingContinue reading “speed dial on time”