unsettling feelings

I’ve been waking up early, starting my day at sunrise, one of the positive remnants from travel and jetlag. But these past few days I feel myself falling into bad habits, sleeping in, ignoring the outside world. I try to shake it off but the fogginess lingers. And the news cycle does not help, focusing on theContinue reading “unsettling feelings”

a cocooning effect

Today feels different, I can’t quite explain why but my heart feels heavy. My rational mind blames it on the erratic change of seasons. And it’s not just me, even the nearby trees are confused, some leaves are yellow, others green. We have a sunny, humid day followed by a crisp, overcast one. And this morningContinue reading “a cocooning effect”

time enough

I love traveling, but the reentry into your everyday life is like a workout from hell. We arrived in New York City Thursday night after yet another harrowing airport experience, where we barely made our connecting flight in Amsterdam. A cab ride from New Jersey to Brooklyn and I was exhausted by the time I madeContinue reading “time enough”

the gift of words

The morning was spent reading through old files … they are scattered across more apps, external hard drives, and the cloud than I dare reveal. Some are handwritten and need to be transcribed. Others are illegible, possibly written in a dream state, and may need to be shredded. In the mess of conference notes andContinue reading “the gift of words”

Weekend Warrior: a new chapter begins

One of my friends is leaving New York City after 15 years and we spent the past weekend catching up with her Big Apple bucket list. First stop, the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum:   We followed with a tour of the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, and fell in love with the rose gardens:Continue reading “Weekend Warrior: a new chapter begins”