the sacrificial carrot

This weekend came with an awakening, an awakening of spirit but also of sacrifice. The gods have offered a semblance of spring for the Northeast, which feels incredible. It should anyway, but instead, it is a carrot that I can’t quite reach. So, I’m sitting at my desk with the windows wide open. I amContinue reading “the sacrificial carrot”

WeWork Debuts All Male Revue, uhm, Board of Directors

Earlier this week it was reported that The We Company, the parent of WeWork, will be going public with an all-male board of directors. I find that troubling, and you should, too.

Sunscreen: What Not to Forget for a Week in the Desert

You can be as open as you want but if you don’t take the time to prepare yourself for the elements of Black Rock City, you’re toast. Everyone has their method, but the general rule, especially for first-timers like myself was to ensure I had enough water to last a week. The recommended calculation isContinue reading “Sunscreen: What Not to Forget for a Week in the Desert”

how to manage a rainstorm in your living room

The weather this winter has been odd. Sleet, snow, ice. Below freezing temperatures, high winds, then it’s sunny at sixty degrees and mild. This weekend was hardly an exception to this new rule, as it brought on heavy wind and rain. Rain, I love the sound of droplets hitting the fire escape. It brings backContinue reading “how to manage a rainstorm in your living room”