Creative Writing

Writing exercises in poetry, fiction, and experiments to unlodge writer’s block, too.


this is transference interchangeable. Me, you and them vice versa. is it a teaching exercise for my heart? a practice run for loss. when did it happen: that this fear of letting go possessed my heart. this strength is a blessing, yet a curse: harboring the released emotions when they should be free.



Melancholy, a state of mind yes. A state of grace? Hardly. It is the in between resting spot when change is imminent, acceptance met with resistance. Letting go has always been a challenge. I see warning signs and rather than acquiesce I question: philosophically pondering the end of the beginning of things, swallowing burnt pitchforks […]



how much we have how much we waste of all that we are given so much is used in haste. i’m too busy, i have no time: these are fruitless useless words. do you not realize: we have the ability to take control, to rule the sands of time rather than be governed by them […]



For years I would toil away at work, unsure why, by an inner force real, not real but there. A hunger perhaps? Maybe. A strong work ethic? Yes, absolutely. For what better way, than through self-induced fury to challenge the mind and seize life’s passion, to prove that you are alive.


enem me

misplaced, forgotten sometimes that’s how I feel. As if i’m missing me and where I’m supposed to be, right here right now. me. Today the sun shone down, caught me off guard. On this day my mind’s drifting along, unaware. Suddenly shaken awake, forced to see: I’m floating in space. One moment disrupts my oblivion, […]