here is now

she’s a longtime friend. who’ll be there in a heartbeat, once she gets the call. your long-lost sister full of advice and laughter: who knows you so well. once upon a face when we met, before email: voices on the phone two lives connecting old-fashioned, memories shared: practical magic. navigation: on, the highway is stillContinue reading “here is now”


a scene like any other

waiting for Kashmalisounds like the title of a book, likewaiting for Godotonly less cryptic. waiting at OST Cafeon the corner of 12th & AFrench doors open wide, piano keys tinklethe rain a misty haze between the patrons and the street the clouds swiftly cross the skyas if the gods are forcing themacross the global divide.IContinue reading “a scene like any other”

strong enough

this monotonous life: i thought I would be the one traveling the world. one city a year, in and out of love, never living in the past. these past twenty years all spent in one place. I had dreams of city lofts, houses by the beach. weddings, children, holding hands skipping far away. hopeful, openContinue reading “strong enough”