Creative Writing

Writing exercises in poetry, fiction, and experiments to unlodge writer’s block, too.

Vibrant Heart

Age before beauty: Sarcasm at its best, or complimentary? Maybe it’s more complementary for with age comes beauty. Enriched from life’s experience, steeped in the knowledge of where you have been, what you are capable of, and aware of all that you have yet to accomplish…you may find beauty proceeds age and the vibrant heart […]


give back, not up

Abstain forty days: alcohol, sugar, cussing guilty pleasures, too. Pick your deadly sin: Nine thousand six hundred hour detox for the soul. Learn to sustain faith. Moderate your suffering. This modern thinking: hard rules to follow when progress, technology want us to be “free”; where virtual rules, instant gratification sets a precedent. Open your heart […]


mind over matter

Overwhelmed by space. The same space I’ve had for years: something is different. Room by room: I see colors, linear clutter, compromised feng shui. Every single day there’s an unorganized mess where once was order. Sunrise to sunset, eyes flutter, spider webs spin spotless illusions. I wake to madness: Multiplying dust bunnies; mismatched missing socks; […]


eve of eves

wounded, stolen heart. pierced by the most intense gaze. fear, hesitation: she does not know why they emerge, come to surface right now on this day. she second guesses feelings, as if it matters. prays aloud for strength to overcome this and everything else that conjures itself free of will. for even these things that […]