When You Show Up in Communications, The Benefit is a Meaningful Connection

This situation has provided me with a bit of hindsight that maybe it was the exhaustion of the life we were living that played with our perception of time. I

WeWork Debuts All Male Revue, uhm, Board of Directors

Earlier this week it was reported that The We Company, the parent of WeWork, will be going public with an all-male board of directors. I find that troubling, and you should, too.

What I Learned from Listening to the Program

I occasionally volunteer with an events company that coins themselves as an agent of change. Their core work is in producing live events for organizations that impact change related to women’s rights, political advocacy, social justice, and the arts. Last night my assignment was at check-in and registration at the Impact & Insights Awards for the GarrisonContinue reading “What I Learned from Listening to the Program”


Creative Leap of Faith

It’s becoming harder to find a place free of distraction to collect my thoughts. And yet it is here: 30,000 feet above sea level, flying through the cloud sphere, toward my latest travel destination. The cabin is quiet and subdued, a blue glow lights the aisle. There’s a welcome peacefulness in the dark making it the perfectContinue reading “Creative Leap of Faith”

The New 4-Letter Word

(1) there’s (1) a (2) new four-letter (3) word in town, (5) one you should be wary (8) about adding to your daily vocabulary. you most (13) likely use it more often than you realize, it is sneaky that way. (21) and although it’s not as disruptive as say a like or an Uhm, it can causeContinue reading “The New 4-Letter Word”

Trends in Exploring Music Tourism

Live music tourism in the UK alone is worth $4.6 billion dollars. When you factor in the US and other countries with musical interests, that number evolves into a $2.1 trillion-dollar revenue opportunity. An under maximized opportunity at that, given the opinion of the guest speakers, interviewed at NYTF’s Exploring Music Tourism panel. Moderated by MitaContinue reading “Trends in Exploring Music Tourism”

NY TravFest: The People You Meet

Sunday’s NY Travel Fest sessions were held at Hostelling International New York, a premier hostel, and one of the largest in the Americas. The landmark building located on the Upper West Side is equidistant from Central Park and the East River has a colorful history. In all the travels I’ve taken none of them haveContinue reading “NY TravFest: The People You Meet”