how to manage a rainstorm in your living room

The weather this winter has been odd. Sleet, snow, ice. Below freezing temperatures, high winds, then it’s sunny at sixty degrees and mild. This weekend was hardly an exception to this new rule, as it brought on heavy wind and rain. Rain, I love the sound of droplets hitting the fire escape. It brings backContinue reading “how to manage a rainstorm in your living room”

the bittersweet truth of my sorrow

i almost forgot. but then, on the way home from a late yoga class, crossing the street admiring the barren trees casting shadows on the sidewalk everything flooded back. i remembered it was this night. i wish i could tell my friends, those who are just now experiencing the loss of a parent that every yearContinue reading “the bittersweet truth of my sorrow”

Choosing Kindness for Myself, for Others 

DAY 9: The Writer’s Happiness Challenge: Remembering Kindness In today’s exercise, @splendidmola asks us to reflect on the last few days, remembering any small kindnesses performed by yourself or for yourself. Now set the timer for (5) minutes and write them down.   Consciously Choosing Kindness for Myself, for Others Sending cards to loved ones inContinue reading “Choosing Kindness for Myself, for Others “