Contemplating Bhutan: First Impressions

Crisp mountain breeze. The moment the air in Bhutan touches your skin, it’s as if you’ve been reborn. As if you stumbled upon a bottled elixir, untouched by impurities and accessible only when one has traveled far, far away from the Western world. In recent months I’ve been obsessed with comic book inspired programming (TheContinue reading “Contemplating Bhutan: First Impressions”


The young girl I used to be

Sunday, September 30 — 9:00 AM This day has been 9 months in the making. And as I sit here listening to the waterfall fountain at our Bangkok resort, I can’t help but wonder how did this small town Brooklynite get here. Small town Brooklyn may sound like an oxymoron to some but I cameContinue reading “The young girl I used to be”

The Healing Power of Soup

This last week I got slammed by some sort of virus; the kind where the cats even took notice. Rather than caterwauling to go outside, they lay on either side of me while I slept the week into infinity. There’s no greater comfort than the love of a warm, furry being. Except, maybe soup. WheneverContinue reading “The Healing Power of Soup”

Sunscreen: What Not to Forget for a Week in the Desert

You can be as open as you want but if you don’t take the time to prepare yourself for the elements of Black Rock City, you’re toast. Everyone has their method, but the general rule, especially for first-timers like myself was to ensure I had enough water to last a week. The recommended calculation isContinue reading “Sunscreen: What Not to Forget for a Week in the Desert”