But for summer

I’m thinking that if all my intentions are pure all is for the best. Of course illusions, though they appear to be real: are most often false. Leaving me to muse about dreams and memories of choice and regrets. And yet not one sticks. My heart rests easy tonight clear, fulfilled and near to capacity.Continue reading “But for summer”

visualize your dreams

Let’s take a moment to rewind to January where I am having a conversation with one of my closest friends. Kristin and I are making plans for 2009, in our own way we’re challenging each other to make this new year about reconnecting with activities that resonate with us personally. For Kristin it’s all aboutContinue reading “visualize your dreams”

my inner voice

When I was in JHS, I attended a school for the gifted & talented. Back then my talent was voice. I sang often, mostly in church and on my own around the house, with my mom’s encouragement. Throughout my childhood schooling I was tethered to my own voice, even if I was a bit shyContinue reading “my inner voice”