Roman Holiday: Getting There

The plane touched down in Rome just after 6AM, an earlier arrival than planned according to the pilots: Una bella giornata a Roma…and it was, once we got past the archaic, queue-less customs counter. The herd of arriving passengers was more of a cattle corral, literally.  I wish I had the sense to take aContinue reading “Roman Holiday: Getting There”



Everybody vents About everyone they know. Unless they’re a monk, Under silent vows. There’s no use in denying an unspoken truth. Unspoken? A fact. We’re only human after all, a work in progress. Occasionally words surface, come up for air question behavior. Grievances are aired. Minds open, change perspective. Suddenly one sees. The human heartContinue reading “Awareness”


me? disappointed. the only word that comes to mind, yes, disappointed. a wedding should be enjoyable for all, yet we felt unwanted. unattended to, cast off to no man’s land out of sight and mind. in attendance with drinks in hand, swaying, laughing amongst ourselves. we could have been anywhere. and yet we were nowhere,Continue reading “Celebrations”