A New Point-of-View of The Giving Tree

A work-in-progress, the following piece is a writing assignment produced for The Center of Fiction’s Active Storytelling course taught by Judy Sternlight. A New Point-of-View of The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein prepared by Andrea Preziotti Boy, please tread softly, as your feet dance wildly across our bodies. You may be young but we areContinue reading “A New Point-of-View of The Giving Tree”


WeWork Debuts All Male Revue, uhm, Board of Directors

Earlier this week it was reported that The We Company, the parent of WeWork, will be going public with an all-male board of directors. I find that troubling, and you should, too.

Shades of Pink

Hmm,Why… Why what? Why is it,so damn cold in here? We may have forgot to pay the heat. Why on earth would we do that? It’s winter, it gets cold,like every single day until the first day of spring and then, well it gets colder until global warming changes and— This has nothing to doContinue reading “Shades of Pink”

No other country can be like Bhutan

3 October 2018 One of our guides said that “No other country can be like Bhutan,” and the more I learn about this small monarchy (on the verge of democracy) the more I find myself in agreement. We started our day super early—so early we literally had to jump the fence to gain entry toContinue reading “No other country can be like Bhutan”

Bridges across mighty rivers

The longest suspension bridge in Bhutan crosses the confluence of the Mo and Pa Chhu rivers to the trail that leads to the Khamsum Yuelley Namgyal Chorten. We hike to the temple (2300m) and then view its interior murals, stopping to hear the powerful legend of the magical dagger— where Buddha and his lover joinContinue reading “Bridges across mighty rivers”

A little spice goes a long way

The farmer’s market is alight with colorful produce hidden under gray awnings that Claudia and I must be mindful. At 5’ 9”, we have almost 4” on most Bhutanese we have met or seen. We spy a gray kitten darting between the wood cabinets, as dogs lay about in the streets and the random cowContinue reading “A little spice goes a long way”