The Healing Power of Wonton Soup

This last week I got slammed by some sort of virus; the kind where the cats even took notice. Rather than caterwauling to go outside they lay on either side of me while I slept the week into infinity. There’s no greater comfort than the love of a warm, furry being. Except, maybe soup.

Whenever I’m feeling out of sorts, either from a head cold or a stomach flu my body craves soup. Piping hot broth-based soup. Chicken soup most often, from scratch if I can manage making it myself. But when my body makes that task almost impossible to achieve I opt for wonton soup instead. There’s something about Chinese soups that screams medicinal healing, and whether based in fact or fiction — I’m everso grateful for the kick in the seat of your pants induced sweat lodge session that rids my body of its impurities and nurses it back to health.

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