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DAY 6: The Writer’s Happiness Challenge: Your Happiness Replay

In today’s exercise, @splendidmola explores the idea of happiness and how in taking the time to savor our happy experiences we can quite literally rewire our brains to live a more positive life.

Set a timer for 3-minutes. Bring to mind an experience where you felt happy. Choose something that is easy to remember. Now, until the timer goes off, remember in detail how you felt during that positive experience. Do your best to focus on the feeling itself — what you felt in your body, your heart, let it seep into your skin. 

Now set the timer for two more minutes. And write down everything that you felt.

Buoyant, coasting, light as air. I can feel the sea salt lifting from the water, settling on my skin. Tickled pink by my toes in the sand mingling with the Mediterranean’s foam. Warmth settled in my bones. Knowing this is my body temperature. No thoughts lingering. Absorbing the sunshine willingly, I am blissful, I am free.

The Writing Happiness Challenge is offered by @splendidmola, for more information click here.


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