Day 5: The Writer Happiness Challenge: Know Your Strengths

You probably know some of your strengths already. And, if you’re like a lot of people, it’s also highly possible that you brush them off as being unimportant or common. For the next 2-minutes, list as many of your strengths as you can think of.

  1. Remembering people’s names and/or faces
  2. The details
  3. Writing
  4. Synthesizing phrases and context into readable text
  5. Baking Chocolate chip cookies
  6. Handwriting
  7. Being there for a friend in a cinch
  8. Listening
  9. Willing to try most things once
  10. Communication
  11. Taking notes
  12. Discovering fun things to do
  13. Researching facts and ideas
  14. Networking
  15. Engaging people in a conversation
  16. Driving
  17. Intuition
  18. Picking up on social cues (most times)
  19. Letterwriting

Set the time for three minutes. Scan the list and focus on 1-2 of your strengths. Close your eyes if possible. And then, with your whole being, but without having to move or do anything, embody that strength. Feel how it feels. Savor how good you are at it. 

The Writing Happiness Challenge is offered by @splendidmola, for more information click here.


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