Day 4: The Writers Happiness Challenge: Enchantment

Enchanting is defined as delightfully charming or attractive.

Set a timer for 2-minutes. Now make a list of 1-10 things, ideas, thoughts, or feelings (or anything else) that you find enchanting. Do this from the perspective of your most innocent, wide-eyed self, as open and sincere and un-cynical as you can possibly be.

  1. Children discovering something new
  2. Finn approaching snow
  3. Novels written in poetic verse
  4. The stillness of the sea at daybreak
  5. Chanting in the Cambodian countryside
  6. The idea of magic
  7. The vibration that breaks the silence
  8. Smoke emitted from a volcano

I went back to @splendidmola’s post for the second step to this exercise and realized I was too descriptive of my enchantments. The ones I shared above are not necessarily things I can manifest for myself but moments of time that I have found enchanting.

Time for a do-over:

  1. Poetry
  2. Eastern medicine & culture
  3. The Italian language
  4. Using the metric system for baking
  5. Liquid mercury, or any metal for that matter
  6. Bubbles
  7. Four elements: wind, fire, air, earth
  8. Ink on paper
  9. Chai tea

Now meditate on those enchantments for 3-minutes and envision how you can make space for them in your life. 

The Writing Happiness Challenge is offered by @splendidmola, for more information click here.


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