see the beauty where you are

Day 2: The Writers Happiness Challenge : See Beauty

Look out your window. What do you see with your heart?

From where I sit I can see a sliver of the surrounding rooftops covered in snow. Old snow untouched and packed waiting for a child’s touch. Brown stretches of branches absent of their leaves. I see stucco and brownstones, then rising in the distance cold, hard glass.

fire escape, snowy rooftop
Snowy city rooftops.

Now, describe the beauty that you saw, whatever it may be. 

Concrete jungle beauty. Clean lines blurred by a blanket of white. The absence of color. Swirling smoke from the chimneys and the heating vents. Movement in the trees who refuse to release their crumbling aging leaves. The reflection of sunlight in windows afar, the vignettes of Brooklyn life in the ones nearby. I spy a bird settling onto the fire escape, a harbinger of spring.

Set an intention to find all the beauty in your world today, and look with those eyes.

The Writing Happiness Challenge is offered by @splendidmola, for more information click here.


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