We New Yorkers may be resilient but I can’t bring myself to go outside. The weather report claims 17 degrees and sunny but every post on social media has a negative sign next to their numbers. Brrrrr.

Yesterday when I woke up and looked out the window there was zero visibility. I instantly remembered the dust storm I experienced on the playa, one I would gladly revisit. Extreme heat I can manage but extreme cold and I admittedly become a weather wimp.

The wind outside today is mild in comparison to the howling ferocity that shook the building inside out yesterday. It felt like an ominous monster had emerged from a deep dark sleep. I could feel the vibrations of its presence through the walls, its bellow against the deck and roof. No wonder Finn didn’t even make a peep to go outside.

High noon when the sun is ‘warmest’ feels like as good a time as any to test the winds. I’m shoring myself up and already have three layers on with one to go. Coat, hat, gloves, scarf. All this to throw out the garbage and pick up the mail. Sigh.

Photo credit: @pixabay


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