8 things you might not know


The hardest substance I’ve ever consumed was absinthe.

On a blind date that wasn’t going so well, I ended up crashing the studio party for Australia and met Hugh Jackman.

I’m deathly afraid of rollercoasters, especially the ones that go upside down.

I have visited ground zero of four active volcanoes (and counting).

Until the age of 11, I carried around a security pillow and sucked my thumb; I then had to endure wearing braces for the next four years.

In my sophomore year of high school, I was selected by the NYPD’s Police Athletic League as “Police Commissioner for a Day.

My mom worked at the CBS Research Library and once met Katherine Hepburn. The actress was learning about the department for her role as Bunny Watson in Desk Set (1957).

One summer in Bodega Bay, I met a ghost spirit named Samantha.


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