seasons of change

The weather doesn’t seem to know what it is anymore. Late November in New York is usually brisk, the trees naked. Today the sun glints and glitters, the wind is a balmy 60 degrees. Life is continually changing, you never quite know what to expect.

That was the message this morning as the yogi led us through a mindful flow. Flow immediately brings to mind this idea of rhythm, repetition, a knowing of what might come next. Downward dog. Plank. Chaturanga. Upward Dog. Downward — Plank. And then an element of surprise.


The only thing constant is change.

We must practice being ready for whatever the day brings us. We practice being aware and mindful of our surroundings. We practice how to be more present and conscious at this moment. This practice opens us up to better knowing that which surrounds us. It makes us more likely to receive what crosses our path with compassion and courage.

And so we can adapt to the weather, to the asana, and whatever possibilities lie in wait.



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