time is a catch-22

Promises promises … that’s not just a line from a Naked Eyes, or more recently a Take That, song. There are the promises you make for others and the ones you make for yourself. I try hard not to make promises I can’t keep, but when it comes to myself they are sadly easier to break.

My one month blog writing challenge was a success in May, an epic fail in June, and July…well, we’ll have to see how it goes.

In my mind I know that time waits for no woman to decide what do with their life, it is a constant beast, a continuously moving organism propelling in a forward direction. And dang if it’s not moving ridiculously fast, faster than I care (or anyone else, really) to acknowledge.

It’s a bittersweet passing of time because the more traveling I do (the something that I love), the quicker it goes (the catch-22).


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