speed dial on time

Taking a cue from Li Jia, the protagonist of Kitchen Chinese, one of the latest books I’ve read I am seizing the moment to write. Free of guilt and disappointment for a week’s worth of posts scribbled in notebooks, ideas jotted on post-its, fleeting sparks of something and then nothing swirling in my brain, allowing the words to flow on the page like writing feng shui.

I’ve been out of sorts lately, I don’t know if it’s the wishy-washy change of weather; the solemnity of the news from Japan to Libya; the fast-pace change and evolution at work or maybe it’s an undercurrent of what this year is: the final 284 days of my 30s.

What I’ve come to know is that once you graduate from college and hit the ground running with work and life, time moves so much faster than you can ever possibly imagine. It’s not as if someone can warn you about this speed dial on time, it just happens, and the reality of it is intangible, how it affects you, the choices you make. In fact, not until you live through it may you determine, and discover that it is a marvelous time for self-realization and reflection.


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