a scene like any other

waiting for Kashmali
sounds like the title of a book, like
waiting for Godot
only less cryptic.

waiting at OST Cafe
on the corner of 12th & A
French doors open wide, piano keys tinkle
the rain a misty haze between the patrons and the street

the clouds swiftly cross the sky
as if the gods are forcing them
across the global divide.
I feel as if I’ve stopped with time.

there is a certain civility
in the hexagonal mosaic floor,
worn down by time and dancing feet
and the shuffling of commuters in and out.

an exposed brick wall
the milky white marble cast iron mix
a feather in my latte
a crisp breeze blows.

my mind wanders, and wonders
if this scene, like others before
will find itself somewhere else
beautiful and blurred.


Published by Modern Vintage Ink.

Writer. Content Marketer. Collector of Information. Ideator. Visibility Coach. Executive Director, @brooklynsoloists Alum of @AOL_Inc @GQ @NBC_Universal @Marist >> andrea@modernvintageink.com

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