[white lies]

it's safe to assume that everyone tells a white lie now and again, right? to keep the peace, be safe or mysterious. I'd like to think that we limit ourselves, on the ones we choose to tell, to fingers and toes.

disregard |complacency

Kidney stone clues lock hold of the third eye and creativity stops. Closed off, robotic the dark space enveloping the beacon missing. Freud: alone, floating. The abyss a perfect storm to be lost at sea.

Down the rabbit hole

A quarter of a century is a long time...25 years ago .com became a part of every day vernacular, I was just entering high school and like every young girl prone to hormonal changes.  A late bloomer, my adolescent experiences included painful periods and headaches--an understatement of course, as we're talking mind-numbing, splitting clusters of …