strong enough

this monotonous life: i thought I would be the one traveling the world. one city a year, in and out of love, never living in the past. these past twenty years all spent in one place. I had dreams of city lofts, houses by the beach. weddings, children, holding hands skipping far away. hopeful, open …


this is transference interchangeable. Me, you and them vice versa. is it a teaching exercise for my heart? a practice run for loss. when did it happen: that this fear of letting go possessed my heart. this strength is a blessing, yet a curse: harboring the released emotions when they should be free.

hide and seek

do you fool yourself, like i fool myself believing everything but the truth do you see yourself, like i see myself a fragment of who i used to be as i lay here this night, there's no doubt in my mind that most of everything is hidden in memory.