how much we have
how much we waste
of all that we are given
so much is used in haste.

i’m too busy, i have no time:
these are fruitless useless words.
do you not realize:
we have the ability to take control,
to rule the sands of time
rather than be governed by them

our voices object to this idea.

rather than embrace it
they reject it
leaving circumstances to fate
admonishing free will.

it is a poetic thing, this resistance to
decision-making and responsibility.
a tragedy really,
for all those realists who refute prioritization
i can’t help but wonder
how many,
if given the chance
would turn back time.


Published by Modern Vintage Ink.

Writer. Content Marketer. Collector of Information. Ideator. Visibility Coach. Executive Director, @brooklynsoloists Alum of @AOL_Inc @GQ @NBC_Universal @Marist >> andrea@modernvintageink.com

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