Melancholy, a state of mind yes. A state of grace? Hardly. It is the in between resting spot when change is imminent, acceptance met with resistance. Letting go has always been a challenge. I see warning signs and rather than acquiesce I question: philosophically pondering the end of the beginning of things, swallowing burnt pitchforks …

Summer skin

An unblemished scenic view created by the gods: Long legs the color of bronze walk with purpose. An even stride strong, certain. I will not allow myself to be self-conscious this is my season, my summer solstice.

The New 40

A handful of my friends are turning 40 this year. 40. Is it the new 30? or the new 20? Whatever it is one thing's for sure it's a powerful number to women (and men) everywhere. An age feared and revered, a somewhat startling number that can cause crisis or launch a revolution. I personally …


how much we have how much we waste of all that we are given so much is used in haste. i'm too busy, i have no time: these are fruitless useless words. do you not realize: we have the ability to take control, to rule the sands of time rather than be governed by them …


For years I would toil away at work, unsure why, by an inner force real, not real but there. A hunger perhaps? Maybe. A strong work ethic? Yes, absolutely. For what better way, than through self-induced fury to challenge the mind and seize life's passion, to prove that you are alive.