LOST: Redemption

The battle between good and evil has ended, at least for the survivors of Oceanic 815. Their journey through purgatory, their supernatural redemption.

I’m not sure if I understand, if we’re meant to truly understand.

Much of what is experienced in life  is left unanswered in death, especially for those left behind. Those still breathing (in this case the audience) are plagued with questions, and the ideas of what the answers could be emerge based on their own personal experience with those ‘lost’.  That is a rational reaction to simple story, and once you add in parallel worlds, memory and the possibility of slipping back and forth between them all, a whole other meaning (or meanings) unveils itself.

The characters of the show, the challenges they face, their connection to one another that is the story one must revisit (because you know die hard fans will rewatch all 6 seasons just to see what, if anything, they missed). The introduction of ancillary characters, representations of the demons haunting the ‘survivors’ –some of which brought reconciliation and peace–i.e., the love affair between Shannon and Sayid (I had totally forgotten about that).

And yet so many questions remain, and I’m sure there will be much talk about all of them online and at the water cooler today.

For starters:

Why was there a ‘living’ character in that last scene: Penny (as in pennies from heaven?  A little cheeky if so….)

Why did Daniel Widmore-Farraday’s mother question Desmond about ‘taking’ him? Daniel is post-crash and Charlotte did not experience a ‘memory’ in ‘present time’ even though Daniel hints to Desmond about the feeling (I think I need to rewatch that episode.)

Did Desmond need to save Jack in order to save himself (he–& Penny of course–was the only one not on the plane that was in the church, flashback — “I’ll see you in another life, brother”)?

How does Charles Widmore that is fit into this?


Recall and thoughts from last episode of LOST:

An interesting pairing, Hurley as lead ‘angel’, Ben as #2 (reference to It’s A Wonderful Life’s Clarence and his wings) — more redemption, they lead the others home as Jack learns to let go.

Kate’s reaction to the name of Jack’s father “Christian Shepherd” – “Really?”

Was the ‘smoke monster’ the devil or the demons?


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