Tell me

What makes someone turn
their head in my direction?
Is it tangible:

the swing in my step,
the sun kissed tan of my legs,
or maybe, they caught

the shake of my head,
me laughing at a puppy:
that child within me.

I am all woman:
confident and insecure,
brave and yet frightened

Sexy innocent
bold mysterious, humble
with so much at stake,

how am I to know
what my future wisdom wants.
Soon it will call me

from an undefined
place, and I will contemplate
if I need to know

where my will takes me,
the decisions I will make,
if i will be here,

in the in between.
Will love find its way to me
before I grow old,

will I be alone
a lone, world traveler?
Should I, shouldn’t I.

My middle self thinks
’tis better to be surprised
than filled with regret.

buried underneath
my questions remain unknown
and so I go on.


Published by Modern Vintage Ink.

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