metamorphosis, v.

camouflaged in fur
I see a caterpillar
inching from the flame.

it’s early morning,
and the sun does not feel strong.
could be the sunscreen,

or it could be much larger,
something I can’t see.

she inches backward
and time stands still, unchanged.
she spirals forward:

tumbling with hope, faith;
somersaulting fearlessness.
she wishes, dreams

for new beginnings
but all there is is the past.
I long to help her

to help the others;
all that binds us as sisters.
their experience

alters the landscape.
mind the gap, the great divide
the thought hurts my heart.

when and what went wrong?
parents are meant to protect
us from the evil

combating its source.
we are not the enemy
blood is thicker than…

a small voice speaks up,
the ears immune to the truth
turn away, deaf, mute.

antenna quiver.
she looks my way and then stops.
do I hear a sigh?

have I lost my mind?
she speaks to me across the wind,
softly in whispers.

nature’s looking glass
reflects the rainbow canvas,
lightly giving pause

to this one moment:
and you wonder why
butterflies cocoon?

in four days time, a
new world emerges, giving
space for wings to fly.


Stop the violence against women and children

White Ribbon Campaign – putting an end to men’s violence against women and children

Keep Children Safe

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