rambling words, reading books

Last night despite an abominable week at work I stayed up well past midnight to read. I have been on a streak as of late,  voraciously reading through a book every other day. A physical book..not sure if or when I will convert to a Kindle perhaps when the price is not so astronomical, so out of reach.

Presently I would prefer to reach for a paper bound  book: touching its skin, feeling the raised print, taking in the non-odor of new books, the faded scent of the old, reveling in the  lost and found, dreaming of the journey of those crinkly, yellow pages vintage travelers, the total recall of where a phrase lives on a page dependent on its edition, finding a phrase with your fingertip, tracing the lines a recitation of the past.

Food for thought:

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  1. I love this roundup! You know how much I love to read! Adding your blog to my blogroll. So glad I’m a part of your community!

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