Treasure your friends, any way you can.

Treasure your friends, any way you can. Hold them dear and close to your heart, new ones and old ones alike. Each one of them has come into your life for a reason, they ease a pain, bring in laughter, and (sometimes gently sometimes with force) they help you to change your perspective.

A younger immature version of myself had an annoying habit of wearing emotions on my sleeve. It’s a vulnerable place to be exposing oneself unwittingly I might add, to the most cruelest of comments. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me? A nice attempt at positive thinking but let’s be real, words hurt. But they don’t have to…we can all benefit from a little kindness, sharing words of joy and appreciation.

I’ve never had a problem with telling people how I feel; I think my friends and family can attest to that. A few wines and a festive occasion, and I’m likely to tell a complete stranger how much I love them. So the idea of writing a letter to my treasured friends (especially now since I have yet to send out Christmas cards, and its now Boxing Day) is a welcome one.

My last good intention for 2009 will be penning a few of those this week, and while they may not be handwritten (I have a lot of friends that warm my heart) they will each be unique, with their own heartfelt memories.

DailyOM – Letters from the Heart.


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