Conjuring a lost love (crush, lust, et al)

Funny how a song can reach into the crevices of your mind and stir up a memory isn’t it?

Donna Lewis – I love you always forever  (You Tube – Clip HQ)

Heart Memory: I had a chance meeting with once upon a time soap star Paul Michael Valley at a bar on the Upper West Side. Mind you I had no idea who he was (one of the bartenders tipped me off) until way after we exchanged #s. I saw him 1-2x, a very brief interlude before  he went off to Tennessee to perform in a play.

Hoobastank – The Reason (YouTube).

Heart Memory: Sal was my seat mate on the way to Sicily one Thanksgiving, and a saving grace while I visited family. We had the most romantic dinner at a seafood restaurant on the Catania harbor followed by a drive along the Sicilian coastline, the mainland alit across the sea.

About the Video: Interesting plot involving a jewel heist and a hit and run, not exactly a love song. 🙂  (Oddly there is an Italian version here.)

What song reminds you of a long lost love (crush, lust, et al)?


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