quarter bar

Friday night I met Kristin and Sheila for an al fresco drink in the garden at Quarter, a watering hole in Sunset Park.

My recollection of this neighborhood is filled with residential shopping essentials: bakeries, meat markets, deli, hair salon, pizzeria…apparently times are changing everywhere. In fact on the corner of 20th & 5th Ave, you’ll find Quarter bar with its plate glass windows and chalkboard placard snuggled between a laundromat and a legal services office, just off the beaten path. Seemingly walkable from the north slope, the bar is accessible by train (the R to Prospect Avenue). A drive from a neighboring zip code was quick and I found a well-lit parking space within a block away.

The girls were sitting in the garden. There’s no bar service at back, be prepared for the 4 stone steps in and out.  I stood by the bar with money in clear view for a good 10 minutes while the bartender was conversing with a patron, so service could be 50/50. Selection of beer, wine and drink was good and prices decent; it didn’t appear that anything cost more than $10. As Kristin mentioned mixed drinks were strong, I settled for a Chimay. The garden was conversation friendly and save a few smokers it was enjoyable. Garden closes promptly until 11PM where you’ll be instructed to come  inside. One regular was quite adamant about clearing the area.

Inside the decor is eclectic–dark walls, odds and ends tchotckes (taxidermy pheasant, 1980s boombox, an old fashioned shoe mold) line the wall. Kristin likened it to the setting of a horror movie. Dimly lit and dark, the seating was well-spaced but it was difficult to hear one another…the conversational din noticeably louder than outside. Perhaps an acoustical thing? Other than that the bathroom was clean and well-lit.

676 5th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 788-0989


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