I rarely leave by 6 sharp. A whole other world In motion outside. The witching hour for dog walkers, dear canine friends. Strutting, sniffing bark. A man with webbed feet: shoes for the street and surf stands By the closing doors.

Avenue Q

puppets sing on stage alongside visible men and women, right there in clear sight they stand. human monochromatic cast of characters. i liked the idea. the songs were hilarious. the play, eh, a play.

Tuesday works

the google mindset yes uh-huh yes without so much as a b-breath in between the words, the steam escaping faster than some of us think. i am hesitant automatically bewildered, frozen. the prospect of smart: challenges me all at once. Empowerment is.


me? disappointed. the only word that comes to mind, yes, disappointed. a wedding should be enjoyable for all, yet we felt unwanted. unattended to, cast off to no man's land out of sight and mind. in attendance with drinks in hand, swaying, laughing amongst ourselves. we could have been anywhere. and yet we were nowhere, …

Anna Wintour

September is born upon editorial conception in March. Anna Wintour: shrew and mastermind behind Vogue feared, revered, scorned. Fashion stops at will on her command; loved ones will admit they're amused by the high priestess' choice of profession, and if RJ Cutler's show offers anything, it's a glimpse inside the heart, not all ice and …


"As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a giant insect." - Kafka ironic, that I choose a topic to ponder and upon late evening find myself sitting opposite its train of thought placard on the subway. bemusing and at times startling how the universe can …

Personal energy

a few years ago kundalini became part of my yoga practice. Dages Keats led us through a series of meditations and kriyas. Together with the kundalini breath, mantras, mudras, bandhs and asanas, one strives to unwind their inner connection toward Higher consciousness. Unlike traditional forms of yoga, this branch focuses on the liquid energy flowing …


waking to the chimes and bells of an Asian wedding procession was pleasant. as if, nature it- self was welcoming me back into a new life. a thousand thank yous to Mother Earth for reaching out  to me today.

quarter bar

Friday night I met Kristin and Sheila for an al fresco drink in the garden at Quarter, a watering hole in Sunset Park. My recollection of this neighborhood is filled with┬áresidential shopping essentials: bakeries, meat markets, deli, hair salon, pizzeria...apparently times are changing everywhere. In fact on the corner of 20th & 5th Ave, you'll …